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Seller On Faithbay

Sell on Faithbay and reach hundreds of millions of Christian customers.    We provide one of the fastest ways to start selling online.  Whether you are running a home business , a small business or just an individual selling unwanted gifts or items, Faithbay will help you sell  your item, make money  or profit.

Faithbay provides individual and business with a platform for selling their items without paying monthly subscription fees or having to create and manage their own store.

Each of the sellers or vendors at the store get their own individual store area where they can list their own products. The individual stores each feature a header image for the seller to add their own branding. The sellers can also add their contact details and location using a map.

Sellers may sell their items using either an “Individual Seller Account” or, for an additional monthly subscription fee, a “Merchant Seller” account. Individual Accounts may add the “Merchant Seller Option,” but Merchant Sellers are required to have the ” Merchant Seller.”account.

Sellers will be able to ship directly to the buyer, while some may choose not to ship internationally.

The Marketplace is available on Faithbay sites – and

Benefits of Selling on Faithbay

• Pay no per-item listing fees
• Pay commission only when you sell
• List products in your dedicated shop and in additional categories
• Reliable shopping experience

Fees Structure: (One-off Set-up Fees based on 60days sale circle)

Pay as you sell – Fee is £1.00 per item.

Individual Seller Fee is £7.00 – Sell up to 10 items

Merchant Seller Fee is £12.00 – Sell up to 20 items

Pro-Merchant Seller Fee is £15.00 – Sell up to 30 items

Super -Merchant Seller Fee is £20 – Sell up to 50 items

Sellers pay a fixed commission of 10% per item sold.


Seller/vendor enquiries : Email: